With their joint exhibition concept Transparent Thomas Raschke and Tobias Hofsäss unite their sculptural and photographic works to describe the “Swedish way of living” from their perspectives. After seven years in Stockholm, Sweden they try in a playful way to discover the underlying mechanisms of the city and its people to get a better understanding and to make them transparent for them. These findings are reflected in Tobias Hofsäss large format black and white photographs, which become even more evident in the combination with the wire objects by Thomas Raschke. The illusion of transparency through the use of photographic negatives paired with Thomas Raschke 3-­dimensional transparent objects reinforces this feeling. Integration into a new and different society is a challenge. With everyday objects and images of places and the environment they live in Raschke and Hofsäss describe in their own humorous way the daily life in their new home Sweden.












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